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Alcatel OneTouch's Pop Star and Pop Up are heavily customizable budget smartphones

Sep 4, 2015 1:29 am

At IFA, Alcatel OneTouch announced two new handsets targeted at the entry-level segment, the Pop Star and Pop Up. With a focus on customizability, the Pop Star will be available in a variety of back cover options, including plastic, leather and denim. [more]

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime now receiving Lollipop update

Sep 4, 2015 1:03 am

Samsung has finally started pushing out the long-awaited Android 5.1.1 update to all unlocked models of the Galaxy Grand Prime located in the Unites States. In terms of added functionality, this upgrade brings the the latest build of the open-source operating system, as well as a multitude... [more]

LG G4 Pro to come with a plastic body and removable battery

Sep 4, 2015 1:01 am

According to a report published earlier today, LG’s upcoming flagship smartphone of 2015, the G4 Pro, is set to sport a plastic body along with a removable battery as opposed to the previously-rumored metal unibody design. The device is also believed to have the company’s renowned... [more]

Alcatel's 17-inch Xess tablet looks to bring the family together

Sep 4, 2015 12:55 am

The idea of a tablet playing a central role in a family's day-to-day life isn't exactly a new one. We've seen any number of manufacturers give this a shot, to varying degrees of success. Now it's Alcatel's turn, with the 17.3-inch Xess. Yes, you read that right, it's a 17-inch Android tablet.... [more]

Alcatel OneTouch Go Watch hands-on

Sep 4, 2015 12:50 am

Though this is not an Android Wear device, or an advanced wearable, the Alcatel OneTouch Go Watch may be the perfect device for someone simply looking to get into the smart watch game. [more]

Alcatel unveils waterproof Go Play phone and Go Watch wearable

Sep 4, 2015 12:49 am

Alcatel OneTouch has today taken the wraps off a line of waterproof, dustproof and shockproof gadgets in its new "Go" series. Debuting at IFA 2015 in Berlin, Germany are the Go Play smartphone and Go Watch — colorful new devices that bring some unique features to their respective price points. [more]

Sony starts rolling out Lollipop OTA for the Xperia T2 Ultra Dual

Sep 4, 2015 12:45 am

Sony has at last started rolling out the long-awaited Android 5.1.1 update to all unlocked variants of the Xperia T2 Ultra Dual. In addition to the latest build of the operating system, this upgrade also transports a much-needed patch for the Stagefright security exploit. All the changes... [more]

[APK Download] Google Admin updates to material design and brings new features

Sep 3, 2015 11:40 pm

Google came up with material design, and yet, it has taken over a year for them to update some of their own apps. One of those finally updated is Google Admin, it is the administrator app of Google Apps. The update not only brings changes to the looks, but also brings some other changes too.... [more]

LG G4 Pro will be called V10 according to new leaks

Sep 3, 2015 11:39 pm

A new tweet from Evan Blass gives us a first look at LG’s upcoming flagship type device. Up to this point people have been calling the device either the LG G4 Pro or G4 Note. According to Blass, the device will actually be called the LG V10. A leaked image popped up today showing off... [more]

According to Verizon Wireless, Android Pay will launch on September 16th [Leak]

Sep 3, 2015 11:12 pm

Thanks to new information we've received from a reliable source at Verizon Wireless, we now know that Google plans to have Android Pay rolled out to users and ready to go on for launch September 16th. [more]

NVIDIA rolls out updates to SHIELD Portable and SHIELD Android TV

Sep 3, 2015 10:50 pm

NVIDIA is great when it comes to updating its products. Today the company released updates for its SHIELD Portable and SHIELD Android TV. NVIDIA’s SHIELD Portable will receive upgrade 106 beginning today. It will include a bunch of improvements to security and functionality. The company... [more]

Samsung releases the phone compatibility list for the Gear S2

Sep 3, 2015 10:46 pm

One major difference between the Gear S2 and previous Samsung smartwatches is the fact that it is compatible with more than just Samsung phones. Not all phones will work, but Samsung says any phone that runs Android 4.4 or higher and has more than 1.5GB of RAM should work. Hidden away on the... [more]

Google Chrome getting several performance and memory enhancements

Sep 3, 2015 9:56 pm

Google Chrome started as a pretty lightweight, snappy web browser. Over the years, it’s moved away from those core values and become a little bloated compared to some other browsers. It’s not awful, but if you frequent any tech sites or forums, you’ve probably seen some clever... [more]

Samsung and Barnes & Noble continue the Nook line with the Galaxy Tab S2 Nook

Sep 3, 2015 9:47 pm

Remember Barnes & Noble’s Nook tablets? They didn’t fare so well against cheaper Android tablets and Amazon’s Kindle lineup, but the bookstore attempted to keep the family going with a co-branded Galaxy Tab 4 from Samsung. It didn’t do too well either, partly due to... [more]

Here are the phones that are compatible with the Samsung Gear S2

Sep 3, 2015 7:29 pm

One of the big pieces of news to come along with Samsung's Gear S2 announcement was that it will be compatible with non-Samsung smartphones. There are some restrictions however, as Samsung notes that the Gear S2 requires a paired smartphone with Android 4.4 and higher and more than 1.5GB of RAM. [more]

Skype for Android gets Material Design enhancements and more in version 6.0 update

Sep 3, 2015 7:07 pm

Microsoft today announced a new 6.0 update for Skype on Android that brings some visual changes and enhanced search features. [more]

How to create custom, actionable notifications on your Homescreen – Android customization

Sep 3, 2015 7:00 pm

For our Android customization post this week we found a relatively easy way to use IF, Pushbullet, Tasker and Zooper Widget in a single project. Join us as we add RSS count and notification right on our Homescreen. [more]

Google introduces standalone Street View app for Android devices

Sep 3, 2015 6:00 pm

With an update to version 2.0, Street View is becoming a standalone application on Android with some added functionality. [more]

OtterBox is making NFL themed Defender cases for $64.95

Sep 3, 2015 5:24 pm

Some of the toughest cases around are made by OtterBox. They are known for being bulky, plain looking, and super protective. Today, they have gotten rid of the plain problem with their new NFL themed Defender series cases. They feature all 32 NFL team logos, so your favorite team is sure to be... [more]

Google talks improved memory management and performance in Chrome 45

Sep 3, 2015 5:20 pm

Google has taken to a blog post today to talk some of the performance improvements included in Chrome 45 for desktop. Included in the changes is a new aggressive memory cleanup technique and, perhaps most importantly, smarter handling of restored tabs. [more]

Considering an upgrade from Moto 360 (2014) to Moto 360 (2015)

Sep 3, 2015 5:17 pm

Any time a new piece of technology is released that resembles its predecessor, there are folks who wonder if the upgrade is actually worth it. While there's a group of folks out there who were really hoping the new Moto 360 would have a full circle design, dropping the display shelf and focusing... [more]

T-Mobile brings native video calling to select Android phones

Sep 3, 2015 5:02 pm

T-Mobile today introduced a new feature called T-Mobile Video Calling, which will bring simple video calling features to select Android phones’ dialer applications. [more]

BB-8 by Sphero won't support voice commands on Android at launch

Sep 3, 2015 4:00 pm

We've been messing with BB-8 by Sphero for a few hours now, and having a ton of fun patrolling the office and racing with the other Sphero robots we have in the office. If you're a fan of Star Wars, particularly the upcoming Force Awakens movie, this is undoubtedly going to be the toy to buy this... [more]

A beginner's guide to the Moto G 2015

Sep 3, 2015 3:53 pm

Motorola is back with the best version of the Moto G yet in 2015. Most of the talk about it centers around how great it is for $200, and that's all true. But it's also a great phone all-around, and one many of us will be happy with — at least until the next one comes along. If you picked up a... [more]

Samsung’s new Gear S2 coming in October, will play nice with other Android devices

Sep 3, 2015 3:48 pm

If you happen to be interested in Samsung’s latest wearable, we have some good news. You’ll be able to use the Samsung Gear S2 with any other Android smartphone running Android 4.4 or higher. [more]

Samsung’s Gear S2 will work with non-Samsung made devices

Sep 3, 2015 3:04 pm

Folks who thought the Gear S2 would be exclusively available to Samsung phones will be happy to hear that the smartwatch will work with non-Samsung devices as well. Samsung has worked hard at closing off its ecosystem, making sure much of the Korean tech giants cool gadgetry and features are... [more]

Quick look: The Samsung Gear S2 and LG Watch Urbane

Sep 3, 2015 2:55 pm

Smartwatches are coming a long way in a short amount of time, and so it's fitting that we had the LG Watch Urbane on our wrist as we went to check out the new (and Tizen-powered) Samsung Gear S2. LG mostly has been our favorite Android Wear manufacturer thus far — thanks in no small part to... [more]

Samsung Gear S2 will get premium watch faces and bands from Alessandro Mendini

Sep 3, 2015 2:53 pm

Samsung today officially took the covers off of its Gear S2 smartwatch at IFA 2015. The Korean tech giant will be offering its own watch faces and bands for the device, however, premium Italian designer Alessandro Mendini will also be offering their own. Alessandro Mendini said: “I believe the... [more]

NCTech launches iris360 camera alongside new Google Street View app

Sep 3, 2015 2:38 pm

NCTech today announced that its iris360 camera has launched in conjunction with Google’s new Street View application. The camera is directly integrated into Street View and will begin shipping to interested buyers this month. The camera is a bit pricey, coming in at $1999.99USD or £1299,... [more]

Google launches new Street View app for Android and iOS

Sep 3, 2015 2:24 pm

Right off the heels of a major Google Maps update, the search giant today has launched a new Street View application for Android and iOS, allowing users to tour locations with 360-degree imagery. The new Street View app will allow users to see “collections and content” from Google... [more]

Samsung Gear S2 to get Alessandro Mendini custom watch faces and bands

Sep 3, 2015 2:11 pm

The upcoming Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch will not only offer buyers optional watch faces and bands by the company itself, it will also support custom faces and bands made by well-known Italian designer Alessandro Mendini. [more]

Samsung showcases the Gear S2 in official unveiling video

Sep 3, 2015 2:01 pm

Samsung has posted the official Gear S2 unveiling video, in which it highlights various features of the all-new watch. From the circular design, to the moving bezel, the health features and more, the Gear S2 packs a ton of great features in a small form factor. [more]

In pictures: The new Samsung Gear app for Gear S2

Sep 3, 2015 1:59 pm

A quick look at the revamped Gear app for Samsung's latest circular wearables [more]

These are the apps to expect on the Samsung Gear S2 at launch

Sep 3, 2015 1:55 pm

The Samsung Gear S2 is coming to us in October — be sure to check out our hands-on in the meantime — and it's bringing with it a slew of applications from names big and small. Not every single one of these apps will be available on day one, but should be there tightly after the release.... [more]

Samsung Gear S2 vs Huawei Watch vs Moto 360 [CHART]

Sep 3, 2015 1:48 pm

Samsung finally has a round smartwatch, and while the Gear S2 doesn't run the favored Android Wear OS, it still looks like a solid option for wearable fans. [more]

Movie studios going after Popcorn Time users in new lawsuit

Sep 3, 2015 1:43 pm

Popcorn Time made a name for itself as the “Netflix for Torrents,” which is obviously a pretty legally ambiguous area in many countries. Needless to say, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that a new round of lawsuits is being handed out to Popcorn Time users. The lawsuits are coming... [more]

Samsung teases 'Galaxy View' tablet at IFA press conference

Sep 3, 2015 1:29 pm

After it wrapped up officially unveiling the new Gear S2 smartwatch, Samsung once again gave us a tease for a new product — this time it's the "Galaxy View" tablet. The limited views we got of the device show a big, wide-screen form factor with some sort of a kickstand or case on the back.... [more]

Samsung Gear S2 SDK tools now available for app developers

Sep 3, 2015 1:28 pm

Developers can now download the official SDK tools they will need to make apps made for the upcoming Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch. The company says that over 1,000 apps should be available for the Gear S2 when it becomes available to consumers in October. [more]

The Samsung Gear S2 will be available starting in October

Sep 3, 2015 1:24 pm

Samsung's newly announced Gear S2 will be available for you to purchase in early October. The all-new Tizen-based smartwatch features a new circular design, and is the beginning of a new generation of wearables from Samsung. [more]

Samsung Gear S2 works with any Android Phone with Android 4.4+ and 1.56GB RAM

Sep 3, 2015 1:18 pm

One of the early details Samsung held back on regarding the Samsung Gear S2 family is compatibility: which Android phones would they work with? Samsung has announced that the Gear S2, Gear S2 Classic and Gear S2 3G will work with nearly any Android phone, even if the phone doesn't don their logo. [more]

Samsung Gear S2 versus Apple Watch

Sep 3, 2015 1:02 pm

There's a new smartwatch in town. Since the launch of the Apple Watch, there hasn't been much in the way of true competition. Sure, Samsung had their older (and weirder) Gear S2 smartwatch with its relatively large curved rectangular display and built-in 3G radio. And sure, Android Wear watches... [more]

In pictures: the new Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch

Sep 3, 2015 1:00 pm

The Samsung Gear S2 is a surprisingly impressive smartwatch. It's light, it looks good, and it's seriously polished, fast, and responsive. While you might not yet get to wrap this thing around your wrist and spin that bezel with your fingers, you can check out our full bank of photos to tide you... [more]

Hands-on with the new Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch

Sep 3, 2015 1:00 pm

(Or, why you should no longer turn up your nose at the Tizen-powered wearable.) When you think back, in this age of Android Wear and Apple Watches, Samsung actually was one of the first to enter the smartwatch game. And maybe it was a little too ambitious at the time. The watches tended to be... [more]

Exclusive no more: Gear S2 smartwatch will work with non-Samsung phones!

Sep 3, 2015 1:00 pm

One well-kept secret of the new Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch is one that is bound to make a lot of Android enthusiasts happy: The Gear S2 will work with non-Samsung smartphones. Consider that again: Samsung is opening its ecosystem a bit. There's a caveat, of course. You'll need a phone with... [more]

Google introduces new Street View app to let you tour and capture locations in 360-degrees

Sep 3, 2015 12:49 pm

Google has announced a standalone Street View app, outside of Google Maps, which now allows you to both explore and capture 360-degree views of your favorite places. Previously, Street View was a part of Google Maps, but this new release brings it out on its own. [more]

HERE Maps for Android gets long-press menu in latest update

Sep 3, 2015 12:47 pm

HERE Maps for Android has quickly risen in popularity as a mapping and navigation solution for smartphone users. In their latest update issued earlier this week, developer Nokia has included a couple features that are the first to go through their new beta program. Headlining the changes is a new... [more]

Canyon Smart Bike Computer brings power of Android to cycling

Sep 3, 2015 12:26 pm

Bicycle manufacturer Canyon has announced a new concept for a bike computer called the Canyon Smart Bike Computer. With the device, Canyon has partnered with Sony to produce a device targeting cyclists that runs Android Wear and will offer a better alternative than smartphones. Through use of... [more]

Here's where you can buy the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Sep 3, 2015 12:10 pm

If you are looking to purchase a new tablet, and have been eyeing Samsung's latest, the Galaxy Tab S2, you are likely wondering where to pick one up. Pre-orders for the tablet began in the middle of August, and the tablet is now officially available. [more]

[TA Deals] MOTA 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub for $18, save 35%

Sep 3, 2015 12:05 pm

Continuing with some of the great deals that Talk Android is offering, the MOTA 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub is next on our list. So if you’re the kind of tech junkie that has tons of peripherals or likes to have a smart-device charging station at your computer desk, this hub would be perfect for you... [more]

Wileyfox Swift will go on sale in Europe on September 22 for £129

Sep 3, 2015 11:56 am

The London-based startup Wileyfox has officially announced that its first smartphone, the Wileyfox Swift, will go on sale online in Europe on September 22 at 9 a.m. UK time. The price for the phone will be £129 in the UK, €179 in the European Union, and it will be available via Wileyfox's site. [more]

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